Contemporary Chiminea – We pick the newest options

Chimineas have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years for cooking and warmth by cultures around the world, in Mexico and beyond. The shape is perfectly designed for the job in hand, and has never really been improved upon. But that doesn’t mean every chiminea has to be traditional in design – so we’ve looked into your contemporary chiminea options.

If your outdoor space is highly contemporary, you might prefer a modern-looking chiminea to complement it to perfection. Here are five cool classics that are less like the traditional type of chiminea thn you might expect, more innovative, more ‘designer’… yet just as shapely, efficient and effective!

Four elements clay – Deliciously curvy modern decor

Take that lovely curvy chiminea silhouette. Then bring it bang up to date with a selection of beautiful 3d designs, embossed in clay to create a look that’s hard to resist and complements all sorts of gardens.

Some come with beautiful sun designs, reminding us of their Mexican origin where ancient peoples worshipped the sun. Some feature complex flowing leaves, some attractive swirls and others are designed in two colours, each gently curving around the other to dramatic contemporary effect.

Large Water Chiminea
Large Four Elements Water Chiminea

Helios – Smooth and clean-lined, the ultimate in modern simplicity

Take that unmistakeable bulbous chiminea shape. Then strip off every added extra to create a super-simple, smooth and clean-lined shape with the minimum of fuss.

The result is a chim so good-looking and versatile in design that it looks equally great in a traditional flower-filled and lawned English garden or a sleek, cool and exotic minimalist garden with accents of metal and stone. An uber-simple stand completes the elegant picture to perfection.

Helios Cast Iron Chiminea (Extra Large)
Helios Cast Iron Chiminea (Extra Large)

Chimalin – Neat, modern and versatile contemporary chiminea

Chimalin’s remarkable AFC clay is innovative stuff, acting more like cast iron than clay, with much better fire crack-proofing than an ordinary chim. But there’s more. They also lean towards supreme simplicity of design.

Chimalin’s traditional-shaped chimineas are neat and simple, designed with an attractive circular base, a wide mouth and elegant chimney stack, with absolutely no decoration in sight. They even come in a beautiful purple glaze, which contrasts superbly with green planting – as well as shiny black, pure white and more, natural and glazed.

Chimalin’s fabulous firebowls are another exercise in modern design, chunky and fat, satisfyingly simple and elegant. And they also come in a choice of gorgeous colours, either natural or glazed.

Ateria Chimalin AFC Clay Chiminea
Ateria Chimalin AFC Clay Chiminea

Oslo Fireplace chiminea – Too funky for words!

The Oslo fireplace range takes chim design to a whole new place, forgoing the traditional look altogether and creating a slimline, ultra-modern alternative that’ll grace any contemporary garden to perfection. Choose from a lush deep purple, one of today’s most popular shades. A gorgeous teal green, deep and rich. Or classic black / clean white.

Contemporary chiminea - Oslo Fireplace Chiminea in black
Oslo Fireplace Chiminea in black – a new contemporary chiminea style

Any questions about contemporary chiminea? We can help

This isn’t a garden centre or a general store. Because we only sell chimineas, we know everything there is to know about them. If you have any questions whatsoever, we will have the answers. Feel free to get in touch.