Garden chimenea of the week – WOW!

Cono steel chimenea
Cono Chiminea With Stainless Steel Rim

Meet the Cono contemporary garden chimenea

When your outdoor space is sleek, modern and simple, you want a garden chimenea to match. If that’s you, you’ll love the sleek, smooth, elegant looks of the Cono contemporary steel chimenea with a choice of either a copper rim or a steel rim around the mouth.

Made from the highest quality steel, it is still a whole lot lighter and more durable than cast iron, great when you don’t want to struggle lugging it around. And it radiates out a large amount of heat.

Obviously, being steel, it’s prone to rust but that’s what steel does. Keep it clean and dry, and cover it when not in use with a special waterproof chimenea cover like this one, and you’ll be fine. Chiminea paint also helps keep the cool black finish looking super-smart. If it gets a bit rusty it isn’t the end of the world because rust doesn’t affect the performance.

  • A dramatic large garden chimenea at 125cm high
  • 44cm across at the widest point
  • The slimline design means you don’t need a lot of storage space if you want to keep it under cover when not being used
  • Includes a fitted rain lid
  • 100% steel
  • Copper-coloured or shiny steel mouth detailing
  • Large mouth to add logs easily
  • Great views of the fire as it flickers and burns
  • Perfect for any shape or size garden or patio
  • Hotter inside than cast iron chimeneas
  • Please take great care using a hot chim when there are children around – a chimenea guard is a good idea
Cono Chiminea With Copper Rim

Beautiful mood lighting to keep you entertained into the wee small hours. Lots of delicious heat to keep the party going. And you can cook with it too, using skewers to make gorgeous veggie, meat, fish and fruit kebabs. That’s what we call a seriously useful garden entertainment gadget to keep your alfresco life fun and funky!