Make a 3-for-2 Chiminea Accessories Bundle

You love a bargain. You adore your chiminea, outdoor oven or firebowl. It’s a match made in heaven. Here’s how you can harness our special offer, which always includes a free chiminea cleaner, to create your own unique chiminea + accessory bundle. Here’s what you need to know to enhance your chim experience to the max. Go bundle like a pro with our brilliant 3-for-2 offer

Make a chiminea accessories bundle – save as much as £50

We’re offering 3 for 2 on chiminea accessories right now. All you do is pick three essentials from our extensive list of extras  and we’ll give you the cheapest one for free, no charge. We’ll apply your discount automatically when you get to the checkout.

We’re also throwing in a free gift worth up to twenty quid when you buy a chim with any accessory, again added at the checkout so you don’t need to do a thing. It all happens automatically.

Essential accessories for clay chiminea

You need to add pumice stones – a type of very light and airy volcanic rock – to clay chimineas to provide a protective bed on which the fire burns. You also need a properly-insulated cover to protect the clay from water and potential frost damage. Feel free to bundle both of these essentials into your 3 for 2 offer and save cash.

Recommended extras for clay chiminea

The extras we recommend for a clay chiminea are:

  • A removable grill, a wonderfully simple way to cook tasty treats
  • Special chim-protect, a product designed to help protect clay chiminea and firebowls from rain and frost
  • A wide variety of cooking accessories for all sorts of delicious dishes

Essential accessories for cast iron chiminea

You’ll need a chiminea cover to protect your cast iron chim from the ravages of the British weather. Chiminea paint is essential, an easy to use product and the best way to keep yours looking fantastic for years. And everyone needs gloves to protect against all that lovely heat.

Recommended extras for cast iron chiminea

Our top recommended extras for a cast iron chiminea are cooking accessories, since cooking on a chim is one of the biggest pleasures of outdoor living. A proper floor protector is a good idea too, to save your patio or deck from the heat.

What about Chimalin AFC chiminea accessories?

Because chiminea and firebowls made from special, heat-resistant Chimalin AFC clay, they behave very like cast iron. You can pick any of our cast iron chiminea accessories to use in your Chimalin AFC version.

More chiminea accessories

That’s just the start. We sell all these chim accessories to make the alfresco experience a whole lot more fun.

  • Pizza stones – the perfect way to cook fabulous pizzas outdoors in your chim
  • Popcorn poppers – tasty popcorn in seconds with no mess
  • Waffle irons – Toast those waffles to within an inch of their delicious lives!
  • Pancake pans – Create pancakes that taste a whole lot better than cooked indoors
  • Toasting forks – Ideal for toasting marshmallows, bread and more
  • Tea’s up! The Tia Chim Stove, a brilliant gadget for boiling a kettle on your chiminea
  • Cool safety accessories including fire blankets and fireguards
  • Chimney extensions to disperse smoke higher up and farther away
  • Log holders for safe, sturdy wood storage
  • Spare chiminea lids in case you break yours
  • Various types of fuels, plus neat gadgets to make chim logs out of old paper
  • Bellows to fire your chim up nicely
  • An ice bucket to keep your booze chilled
  • Special Chim Filler for ongoing maintenance

Any questions?

Just ask. We know chiminea inside out, upside down and from every angle!