Great reasons to buy a chiminea cover

We sell two types of chiminea cover, one designed to keep clay and metal chimeneas dry and looking good, the other to protect clay chimineas from frost damage. Why bother? Here’s a load of sensible reasons why a chiminea cover is a jolly good idea, whether you’re going for clay or metal.

Why you need a chiminea cover

Covers for metal chimineas…

  1. A waterproof cover protects a metal chiminea against damp and wet, helping keep the rust at bay and maintaining the finish for longer
  2. Your metal chiminea looks smart when you’re not using it
  3. There’s no need to buy an insulated cover for a metal chiminea, they’re fine in cold weather and don’t crack through thermal shock in the frost like clay chims can

Covers for clay chimineas…

  1. A simple waterproof cover keeps a clay chiminea dry and looking smart, protecting the surface from dirt, dust and bird poo during the times you’re not using it
  2. An insulated, impermeable cover – which feels very like a sleeping bag or an anorak – is the perfect way to protect a clay chiminea against cracking in cold weather, frost, and snow
  3. Because they’re carefully shaped to fit a chiminea they look good
  4. A great quality item, our insulated chim covers last for years
  5. It protects the patterns and colours on decorated clay chimineas
  6. It packs up really small, easy to store, and weighs next to nothing
  7. There’s a version designed to suit every size of chim
  8. It has 3 layers, a waterproof outside and inner layer with a 100% cotton layer of insulation in between
  9. They have clever straps or pull cords to keep them firmly on the chimenea even when it’s windy. All you do is pull them to tighten the fit or, if yours has straps, clip them together
  10. Leave the chim on its stand when you cover it – there’s no need to lift it off
  11. The design and colour blends nicely in with your garden, much better than something in-your-face, far too loud and bright!
  12. It looks and performs so much better than a DIY job – we’ve seen people protecting theirs using blankets, tarps and string, and it looks dreadful!
  13. You get the peace of mind of knowing your chim will stay in good condition outdoors all year round
  14. It protects your investment
  15. It saves you having to move and carry a large clay chim indoors in winter
  16. If you don’t have anywhere to stash your clay chimenea over winter, with no shed space, no garage space and no room indoors, it’s the ideal solution
  17. It goes on and comes off really easily
  18. They come from Gardeco, a company based in Kidderminster UK and in Virginia, USA, a big brand we respect and trust for their top quality products

Are you convinced? Hop over to our chiminea cover selection and see which one does the trick for your chiminea.