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Blue- ass fly or chilled? Hot tips for alfresco parties

Look out of the window. Go on, take a peek. Is it sunny? Is it warm? Probably. We’re on the very brink of summer, a delightful time of year, and you’re mulling over the plans for your first big alfresco ‘do’ of the season. You want everything to go right first time. But what if…? […]

Perfectly easy plants for pots – Brilliant for tiny gardens

Young Woman, Passionate Houseplants Care Giver, Repotting Plants

It’s great when you’ve got a massive garden. You can site your chiminea, fire pit or pizza oven in any number of locations without having to think too hard. But when your garden is tiny, or you have a small city patio, your options are often limited. You want space for a chiminea or whatever, […]

Wildlife Garden 101 – Attract More Wildlife To Your Garden

Do you have a wildlife garden, or at least space for British wildlife? It matters because UK wildlife is in crisis. Despite the Hunting Act 2004, hunts across the land illegally kill foxes and deer every week throughout the season, September to March. These days the bustling city of Brighton is home to more foxes […]

Garden DIY – Make a beautiful chiminea stand

Stone showcase or rock podium stand on abstract white background with marble concept. Pedestal of product display for design. 3D rendering.

If you’re eagerly anticipating spring, you’re not the only one. All over the nation our customers are emerging, blinking, into the sunshine, admiring the daffs, crocuses, snowdrops and primroses, spotting early green shoots on shrubs, and thinking about getting the chim out for an absolute belter of a party. We sell a brilliant floor protector […]

Six awesome hot alcoholic drinks for winter alfresco entertainment

Boozy Warm Hot Chocolate

One of the best secrets to staying warm outdoors in cooler weather, through winter and early spring, is to eat tasty hot food and enjoy steaming hot alcoholic drinks. You could go on a coffee frenzy and make delicious exotic coffees for your guests, of course, or stick to tea, still one of the nation’s […]

20 tips – Preparing your garden for spring entertainment

Plenty of our customers use their chimineas all year round. We’ve even come across one family who used theirs on Christmas Day, firing her up and standing around enjoying festive mulled wine and mince pies outdoors, late into the evening. But most of us tend to use our chimineas in spring, summer and autumn, putting […]

Alfresco Living Special – 30 Cool Alternative Uses For a Shed

cool shed

A wooden shed is beautiful, useful, practical, and often remarkably easy to build. Shed kits are fairly easy to handle, usually simple enough to construct in a day. We know people who have created entire indoor-outdoor rooms themselves on a home-build basis, following basic online instructions. The results are well insulated and cosy, and can […]

Love your lawn – And let the wildlife in!

Are you planning to site your chiminea on the lawn? If so special our chiminea floor protector mat might be a good idea, and many of our chimineas come with a metal stand to keep the grass from getting singed. We also sell chiminea guards to keep sparks from getting where they shouldn’t. But what […]

Simple, stylish DIY garden art for complete numpties

You spend lots of time outdoors. Or that’s your ambition. Either way, you may as well make your outdoor space an interesting and entertaining place to be, somewhere your friends, family and guests like to be because it’s a bit different. And that can include visual treats like DIY garden art and sculpture. It’s a […]