How I found the right chiminea for me

The wife had been one about us getting a chiminea all last summer. So this year I relented.

But – to be frank – I was clueless. I needed to know things like:

• Which was the right chiminea for us – clay, steel, or iron?

• How big a chiminea did we need?

• What’s the best fuel to use?

• Could I get one we could cook on?

• And what about accessories?

Thanks to Google I found who offer a free chiminea buyer’s guide.

3 days ago I download and read it … 2 days ago I ordered … this morning my new chiminea arrived …

… time to get building.

I hate any kind of diy – my wife always jokes just holding a spanner makes me break into a sweat. So I opened the box and laid everything out.

Toledo cast iron chiminea parts
Time to get started!

Thankfully there weren’t that many parts. And the instructions were clear and looked easy to follow. What’s more, the box even included the spanner I’d need.

The first job was putting on the legs. Whilst you could do it alone, having an extra pair of hands (thanks dear) to hold them in place made it much easier.

Adding the legs to the Toledo chiminea
Adding the legs to the Toledo chiminea

After that it was pretty much plain sailing. In a little over an hour, my chiminea was ready.

And it looks great.

Toledo chiminea assembled
Toledo chiminea assembled

The forecast’s good for this weekend. So I’m going to use my chiminea for the first time.

Lewis from suggested I buy some Ocote Sticks to make starting the fire easy. I’ll let you know how it goes.