So you want to impulse-buy a chiminea, fire pit or pizza oven?

firepit in sunset
With the best will in the world, our forecasters can’t make decent predictions about the weather more than a few days ahead. There’s no way the weather people can pin down an entire ‘barbecue summer’ like the tabloids predicted a few years ago. They were wrong, of course. It was a particularly damp and chilly summer, and relatively few barbecues were had! You think you might have an outdoor party at the weekend. On the other hand you won’t really know whether the weather’s going to play nice until a couple of days beforehand. Luckily we deliver chimineas, pizza ovens and fire pits quickly, within 3-5 working days, and that’s just one of many reasons why it’s a good idea to buy your alfresco entertainment kit from us.

More great reasons to buy from us

First of all we’re nice. Honestly, we’re really nice. And that means we always treat you well, with respect and friendliness and consideration. You’ll find us a pleasure to deal with, every time. Second, we stock a massive collection of good quality items, nothing cheap and nasty but all rugged and well made. Buy a chiminea from your local garden centre or DIY store, which might have a small choice, and you really can’t guarantee the quality. Cheap clay chimineas in particular can crack very easily. Our fab cast iron chimineas are a speciality, beautiful beasts that work really well to deliver lots of outdoor heat, wonderful for cooking as well as heating your space. And our innovative BBQ chiminea, perfect for barbecues, taps right in to the current strong trend for cooking outdoors. Our pizza ovens sell like hot cakes, no wonder when we only sell the best at really good prices. If you want something super-simple like a tough, well-made garden brazier, or a food smoker, we sell those as well. Because we operate exclusively online, we pass great cost savings to you – no premises to pay for, no employees, none of that. But we do have a cracking team of dedicated experts who’ll gladly answer your questions about our products, safety, accessories, how to use the products, anything you need.

Free mainland UK deliveries

We provide FREE mainland UK delivery on absolutely everything. There are no hidden charges – you simply pay what you see on the product page. The only exceptions are customers living in the Scottish Highlands, which might cost a bit more simply because it’s remote.

Not in? Leave an authorised instruction for the courier

Because we know you don’t want to hang around at home all day waiting for your delivery, we provide an alternative. You can leave a signed and dated note for your courier with instructions about a safe place to leave your parcel, for example with a neighbour or somewhere it can’t be seen from the road. The courier will take your note as an authorised instruction.

Free replacements if there’s any damage

We’ll pack your order with great care, but sometimes deliveries get damaged in transit. That’s life. If so we’ll send you a replacement instantly, no quibbles. Just let us have a photo of the damage and, if it’s a self-assembly item, the part number, and we’ll get your replacement to you as fast as possible.

All the accessories you could imagine

Our customers appreciate the fact that we’re a one-stop-shop. We don’t just sell chims and fire pits, braziers and pizza ovens. We also sell all the extras and accessories you could possibly imagine. Here’s a short list, but the actual list is a lot longer so come explore!
  • Popcorn popper
  • Barbecue tools
  • A variety of fuels
  • Lava stones and pumice
  • Stone paint
  • Metal paint
  • Toasting fork
  • Chestnut knife and chestnut roasting pan
  • Covers for protecting your chiminea, fire pit and so on
  • Firelighters and fire logs
  • Poker
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Fire blanket
  • Cooking pots and pans including frying pans
  • Grills and chiminea crown covers
  • Bio ethanol chim burner
  • Chim filler
  • Fire raking tool
  • Pancake pan
  • Waffle iron
  • Bellows
  • Log maker
  • Hot plate
  • Swedish torch
  • Clay pizza stone and pizza spatula
  • Chiminea stands
  • Cooking iron
  • Log holder
  • Ice bucket
  • Chiminea guard
  • Fire gel
  • Chiminea cradle
If you can’t see what you need, why not give us a call? We’ll pull out all the stops to find what you’re after, provide advice, or at least point you in the right direction.