Impossible? A clay chiminea which won’t crack

guaranteed for 5 years… and no curing either.   There’s no denying it, clay chimineas look great.   But not everyone wants the faff of curing it, then forever worrying about it cracking?   It may have actually put you off buying one. But not anymore …   Gardeco have launched a clay chiminea which doesn’t need curing and won’t crack   In fact they’re so confident, it’s guaranteed for 5 years.
Sempra Chimalin AFC Chiminea
Sempra Chimalin AFC Chiminea – guaranteed for 5 years
  What’s the secret?   Gardeco’s new clay chimineas are made from a special clay called Chimalin Advanced Fire Clay (AFC). Unlike other clays, this one – which took 8 years to develop – doesn’t need curing. And won’t crack when it heats up, or cools down too quickly – the cone heads call it thermal shock.   Can’t believe it? Take a look at this short demonstration:   Great isn’t it.   What’s more, because you don’t have to worry about overheating, you can burn almost any fuel in a Chimalin AFC chiminea. And you don’t need to line it with pumice stones either.   Finally! A clay chiminea you can use just like a cast iron one.   So if you’ve been wanting a clay chiminea without the faff and worry, you must take a look at these.   But that’s not all …   Buy your Gardeco Chimalin AFC chiminea – in fact any chiminea – from  and get:  
  • Free courier delivery.
  • 3 for 2 on accessories
  • A free poker
  Do you need any more ways to convince your other half to let you get one … ?