Who ate all the pies? You did! Here are 3 of the Best Pizza Ovens

November. It’s the month when Movember takes place, when millions of British blokes spend the month committing awful facial hair crimes in support of changing men’s health for the better. It’s usually chilly outdoors, marking the tail-end of autumn and the start of winter. And that means we get a run on pizza ovens – they simply fly out of our door at this time of year.

Plenty of us race indoors for the duration, staying warm and cosy under cover until spring raises its head again next April. But the wise ones amongst us know there’s no need to avoid the great outdoors for half the year. When you have a chiminea to keep off the worst of the chills, the fresh air is yours all year round. And when you buy a pizza oven your alfresco dreams come true through January to December.

That’s why we sell so many pizza ovens at this time of year. There’s something special about the crisp, dark nights, the stars, the chill, the anticipation that precedes the festive season. If you’ve been dreaming about a pizza oven for your back yard, patio or garden, stop thinking and get cracking. Here are three of the very best pizza ovens from our specialist store.

The awe-inspiring Pizzaro traditional pizza oven with stand

It’s big. It’s bold. It’s beautiful… in fact it’s the Rolls Royce of pizza ovens. This beauty comes with a five year guarantee thanks to our unique Chimalin clay which – unlike many ordinary clay pizza ovens – resists heat-cracking wonderfully well.

This brilliant quality traditional pizza oven is the ultimate alfresco accessory for people who like to spread the love with delicious food. The oven part itself, the cream-coloured bit, is made from innovative Chimalin fireproof clay, which we spent eight years developing. It won’t crack through heat, guaranteed.

This is a dazzlingly good one-stop shop for pizza lovers and it also bakes bread and cake to perfection, giving you that wonderfully comforting home-baked fragrance. You can easily move it around thanks to its wheeled legs, and it comes with a handsome wooden rack to safely stand your food and ingredients on. The wire basket between the oven legs provides convenient space for food, crockery, glassware and cutlery storage.

The Movo portable garden oven and pizza oven

You like your life simple and elegant. Here you go. How’s this for a super-simple and highly effective outdoor oven? It makes cooking outdoors seriously simple. It’s easy to keep clean and easy to store. It has a rugged yet light steel body and the entire interior is cleverly coated in stainless steel for extra-good results. A neat little temperature gauge lets you keep cooking under control without opening the door and letting all the heat out. And the glass window at the front is made from special toughened glass for safety, letting you see exactly how your cuisine is doing.

All you do is use the two convenient handles to stand it on top of your regular BBQ and you’re ready to go. It’s brilliant for pizzas and equally good for baking pies, pasties, biscuits, bread and cakes. Oh, plus roasts and stews and casseroles. And there’s no assembly needed, either. Just open the box, stand it on your BQ, fire her up and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

The Forno outdoor oven and pizza oven

This is another great take on outdoor pizza oven design, a sturdy portable steel version on its own tough stand, complete with a 100% rustproof stainless steel interior. The handy temperature gauge helps you achieve perfectly-cooked foods, and you can create a whole lot more than pizza inside – breads, cakes, pies, biccies, you name it. The useful tempered glass window lets you check how things are doing without opening her up and letting all the heat escape.

A wheeled stand makes it easy to move. The tall chimney cools the smoke before it escapes into the air and pushes it up, out of your way. She’s super-easy to assemble. And you can use it to simply heat your outdoor space without food involved– there’s no law says you have to cook on it!

What can you cook in a pizza oven?

Use your pizza oven the same way as you use an ordinary oven. If you can cook or bake a dish in an oven, or under a grill, you can usually cook it in your pizza oven. Some people have, apparently, even managed to cook their Xmas dinner in theirs! You can do roasted vegetables easily. Just coat your veg in olive oil, sprinkle it with salt and pepper, then cook them in a dish placed in the middle of the pizza oven.

Maintaining your pizza oven in winter

We’re taking food hygiene here. That means it’s really important to keep your pizza oven clean, especially the inside, and cover it up when you’re not using it. Other than that they’re really easy to keep in good nick. The Movo, being small and portable, is easiest to store, needing very little space. The Pizzaro is easy to take apart and store. The Forno can also be easily taken apart too, and they both go back together in just a few minutes.

Not sure which to choose?

If you’re lost in space and don’t know which to choose we’re full of useful information and insight, and we’re always happy to help. A pizza oven, as you can imagine, makes an exceptional Xmas gift. Feel free to ask questions – we’ll be delighted to answer them!