OMG – Cool Firebowl Garden Furniture Sets!

Good, solid, attractive outdoor furniture is the perfect complement to any garden. A fire pit or bowl is the ideal way to keep the chill off when you’re enjoying the outdoors, and even to cook on. Put them together and what do you get? Beautiful garden furniture with an integral firebowl. Blimey. That’s what we […]

Winter Chiminea Care – Put Your Chim to Bed for Winter

Many of our customers keep using their chiminea right through the winter, using it to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort even when the weather’s horrible. A few of you prefer to pack your chiminea safely away for the winter, saving it for spring, summer and autumn. So how do you stash your chim so […]

Christmas Gift Fun – Why Not Buy a Chiminea?

Treat Someone you love to years of alfresco pleasure When you buy someone a chiminea as a gift, you’re not just buying a useful, practical object. You’re treating them to years and years of pleasure. Whether that means giving them the kit they need to spend time outdoors together around a real fire – romantic […]

Beautiful Fire Pits & Braziers – Taking British Gardens by Storm

British gardens are changing along with our changing climate. As winters get warmer and wetter, and summers get hotter and drier, areas once dominated by grass lawns now feature fireplaces, fire pits and chimineas. All these brillioant items take the captivating idea of a campfire to a new level, bringing that magical woodsmoke scent and […]

About Fuel for Chimineas, Fire Pits and Pizza Ovens

Natural firelighters, chim logs, fire logs, heatlogs, forest charcoal, fire gel and Swedish Torches… we sell all sorts of fuels for chimineas, fire pits and pizza ovens. Here’s what you need to know about them. But first, since we’re so excited by them, we thought we’d give a quick plug to our awesome Swedish Torches… […]

Autumn Recipes – Growing Veg to Cook on Your Chiminea

It’s about time we gave you some scrumpotious autumn recipes to cook on your chim. But first, a peep into the current trend for flexitarianism and vegetarianism. If you’ve ever grown your own veg you’ll already know how satisfying it is to see the process through from seed or seedling to something delicious you can […]

Messy Gardening is Brilliant for Wellness – Go Wabi-Sabi!

β€œThe new study of neuro-conservation from Dr Wallace J. Nichols, an evolutionary ecologist and research associate at the California Academy of Sciences, says being in nature and around water shifts our brain towards hope and compassion, and away from stress and anger” (The Garden Media Garden Trends Report for 2018) It’s official – being outdoors […]