Stylish contemporary gas fire pits – Easy peasy!

Happy Cocoon Bowl Fire Pit in Black

You want to be able to go outside, click a switch, and see flames. That’s no problem when you pick a gas fire pit, and it’s just one of the advantages of this clean, easy way to fuel your garden life. Here’s what you need to know about gas fire pits, a brilliant way to make the outdoors feel like indoors… instantly.

Happy Cocoon Rectangular Fire Pit in Grey

Take a look at the model above. Nice or what? It’s the Happy Cocooning Rectangular Fire Pit in Grey, a fresh idea from a respected Dutch brand with sparkling drama at its heart.

Whether it’s propane or butane, bottled gas is an efficient way to stay warm outdoors. Attach the bottle to the hose and regulator, then simply use the electronic ignition to light the pit, giving you an instant flame whatever the weather. The result is fast heat, lovely ambient light, and a welcoming feel it’s hard to beat.

Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table
Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table

As you can see, the models we sell look a lot like something you’d have indoors, they’re so stylishly designed. Bearing safety in mind, some keep the flames contained inside a beautiful glass box, which looks stunning after dusk. Such a gorgeous effect! The dramatic, large Tepro Topeka Deluxe gas fire pit is a good example.

In many cases your gas bottle actually goes inside the body of the gas fire pit itself, safely out of the way so people and pets can’t fall over it. Bottled gas, by the way, is easy to find at petrol garages as well as some garden centres, rural supply stores, and DIY outlets. You could try Calor, see if there’s a stockist near you or go to Homebase or B&Q. Keep a spare gas cannister handy and you won’t run out of fuel.

Happy Cocoon Round Fire Pit in Black

The handsome Happy Cocooning Small Square Fire Pit in Black, above, is a popular choice thanks to the simplicity of the outline, chunky body and real-looking ceramic ‘fuel’. It’s powered by gas, with no ash or sparks and only a quick wipe necessary. No big, messy clean-ups. The grey square version, below, is another popular choice, with an on-trend dark grey body that matches every kind of garden style.

Happy Cocoon Small Square Fire Pit in Grey

Make it an aluminium gas fire pit like the two models below and let some tough power-coated metal into your life. It’s such a smooth, sleek way to embody a warm, bright fire. These are clean-lined and sophisticated by design, ideal for modern outdoor spaces, and like the rest of the gas firepits we sell they’re rugged enough to stay outdoors all year round.

Happy Cocoon Aluminium Square White Cocoon inc Burner and Glass Screen
Happy Cocoon Aluminium Rectangular Anthracite Cocoon inc Burner and Glass Screen

The cool, simple colour schemes and intelligent design mean our gas firepits match perfectly with the garden furniture we’ve chosen. Whether you’re after a beautiful Balcony Set, Garden Benches, a Bistro set, Garden Chairs, Dining Sets or Day Beds, we have them in trendy modern shades, from pale greys to deep, dark charcoal.