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Not one. Not two. We have 86 clay chimineas to choose from

Walk into any decent-sized garden centre or DIY outlet and if you’re lucky you’ll spot one, two, maybe even three or four different chimineas to choose from. Pah. Four? We, on the other hand, have an astonishing 86 beautiful clay chimineas to explore, everything from really neat and small to XL, in every imaginable colour […]

Summer Product Focus – Stunning Contemporary Chimineas

Are you watching the Chelsea Flower Show on TV at the moment? As usual, there are some absolutely spectacular garden designs to marvel at and get inspired by, some traditional, some contemporary and a few blending both to splendid effect. So what style is your garden? Modern, old fashioned, a mix of the two, or […]

Can I Use a Chiminea in a Smokeless Zone?

Poor air quality has been all over the news like a rash recently. The Mayor of London has even gone so far as warning people about the health risks of simple stuff like waiting at a London bus stop. Despite the government being responsible for safe air in our cities and towns, they have failed […]

Halloween Fun With Fire Pits and Chimineas

Fancy some Halloween fun? This time of year has become one of the biggest as far as outdoor events are concerned. Once a fairly minor celebration in the UK, in recent years we’ve almost outstripped the USA in our enthusiasm for Halloween, AKA All Hallows Eve. There’s a powerful Day of the Dead trend emerging, […]

My Chiminea is Smokey – What Can I do About it?

When you fire up your chiminea, it smokes like mad. How come your chiminea is smokey? While there’s almost always a tiny amount of smoke, chimineas aren’t particularly smoky. It’s a design thing. Hundreds of years of trial and error means the design is extremely efficient and effective, minimising smoke. Using clean fuel like dry […]

Chiminea Safety Guide – Things NOT to do

Chimineas are wonderful things, transforming chilly outdoor spaces into cosy places to chat, party and eat alfresco, day and night. But, just the same as anything do to with fire, you need to take great care around them, especially when there are children around. According to ROSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, […]

Spring tips for chiminea maintenance and care

If it’s been raining more or less non-stop since autumn where you live, you’re not alone. It has been a spectacularly wet and windy winter, and gardens all over the nation are looking well and truly ragged.   How to maintain a chiminea   You can use your chiminea all year round, of course. That’s […]

The secret to a roaring fire in your chiminea

Want to know how to get your chiminea blazing? Β Here’s how I do it – without fail, every time: First off, no matter what your final, main fuel will be – charcoal, logs, etc – you must always start with the same 2 things: 1. Β What you’ll actually light.Β  Lightly scrunched balls of newspaper work […]