4 modern chiminea designs you’ll love


The traditional Mexican clay chimenea look is always popular. It goes with every style of outdoor space and the design, with its extra wide mouth, is designed to burn bright, clean and hot. But what if you’d prefer something more modern-looking? Here are four modern chiminea designs to inspire you.

The large Botella Mexican chiminea in deep grey

The big, stylish Botella is a wonderful shape, the first of our exciting modern chiminea designs. As you might have guessed, ‘botella’ means bottle in Spanish, and the shape is bottle-like. Finely made with an unusual arched mouth and flared chimney, it’s a good-looking item. It’s a pleasure watching the flames flickering inside the generous body.

The flat bottom keeps it safely upright, and the seam detailing up the front keeps things interesting. The deep grey colour blends back into your space beautifully, nice and subtle. Being Mexican, it naturally comes with exceptional performance. Is this the kind of modern chiminea styling you’re dreaming about?

Modern chiminea designs: the elegant slimline Botella
Modern chiminea designs: the elegant slimline Botella

The Extra large Pelo Mexican chiminea in grey

The XL Pelo is another fantastic Mexican design with all the legendary benefits a real Mexican chim brings. Isn’t it an unusual shape? We like the curvy Celtic-inspired design, the very simple slim profile, and the subtle colour. The square mouth will give you the clean, hot burn you expect from a genuine Mexican item. The XL size makes for a lovely, hot glow all around. And the flat bottom, which means you don’t need a stand, gives it another little contemporary edge. Would this design suit your garden best?

The gorgeous Four Elements clay chiminea

The Four Elements is a gorgeous Mexican chiminea in plain, simple terra cotta clay, the same lovely red-orange-rust colour you get with old fashioned plant pots. It’s another lovely, graceful shape, this time tapered towards the bottom and flared at the chimney end. It swoops upwards to give you such a beautiful outline! Complete with a rain lid and tough metal stand, it’s built to last and offers great performance too. Can you imagine this complementing your planting, set on a patio or on a gravelled area in your lawn?

The egg-shaped Headdyn Ellipse

The Haeddyn Ellipse is satisfyingly fat and round with a smooth, calm shape. The design is highlighted using a 3D band of Celtic knot-inspired decor. The colour is a deliciously minty mottled pale green, featuring lots of exciting texture. It comes with its own rain lid and steel stand. And it’s neat enough for a small patio or garden, not so big it eats up all your space and gets in the way. The rounded good looks make it really attractive set against anything from flowers to greenery, paving, rocks and gravel to lawn. Would this little beauty add extra je ne sais quoi to your contemporary garden?

We think the 'fat lava' style finish is awesome!
We think the ‘fat lava’ style finish is awesome!

Once you’ve made your choice of modern chiminea designs, why not truck on over to our chiminea accessories section and treat yourself to quality cookware, utensils, chiminea covers and more? That’ll get you going!