Gardeco delivery – Awesome service!

Gardeco Delivery Drivers

Deliveries are just deliveries, right? Someone turns up in a lorry or van, lugs your parcels or boxes to you front door, takes a photo or signature, and that’s that. Gardeco delivery is different. They decided their chimineas and other garden leisure products, and the people who buy them, deserved better. So they set up their own expert delivery team to provide a service worth having. Here’s what you’ll experience.

About the Gardeco deliveries team

Before Gardeco created its own delivery system, the chimineas and other products they sell were delivered to usual way. Take a Mexican clay chiminea. They’re heavy and solid, made from thick clay, and used to be delivered packed in loads of polystyrene inside a box. All the same, Gardeco – and their customers – suffered a string of breakages and returns. The delivery drivers didn’t take the right amount of care, simply because they didn’t understand what a chiminea was and how it should be transported, lifted, and moved.

The last thing you want, as a trusted brand, is to constantly disappoint your customers. The nlast thing you need, as someone who’s just invested in a quality piece of outdoor entertainment kit, is to see it arrive in bits. So Gardeco thought again and came up with a brighter idea.

Now Gardeco’s own delivery van fleet has been fitted out to transport clay chimineas safely and deliver them undamaged. This means there’s no need for so much packaging, which means there’s less for you to recycle and throw away… and that makes our environmentally conscious customers happy.

Gardeco van drivers know what’s what. They can advise you about how to carry and move your chim (one person with an arm down the chimney and someone else supporting the fat belly), and they know how to season it for the first time so it’s better at resisting the thermal cracking you sometimes get with sudden changes in temperature.

Now you’ll enjoy an excellent delivery service with a smile, carried out by people who know their stuff, without mases of annoying packaging to deal with. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your delivery driver. We’re thrilled to know Gardeco has made such an effort. Thank you!