Not one. Not two. We have 86 clay chimineas to choose from

Walk into any decent-sized garden centre or DIY outlet and if you’re lucky you’ll spot one, two, maybe even three or four different chimineas to choose from. Pah. Four? We, on the other hand, have an astonishing 86 beautiful clay chimineas to explore, everything from really neat and small to XL, in every imaginable colour and shape, from traditional models to the latest sleek, contemporary designs. In short, at our place you’re properly spoiled for choice. But because too much choice can leave you in an emotional tailspin, not sure where to go next, here are three very different clay chiminea designs to inspire you for spring.

The Tibor – Jumbo Mexican clay chimineas in heritage green

You might have a big garden, or have a load of friends to invite round at every opportunity. If that’s you, the massive, stylish Tibor Jumbo Mexican chiminea is your best friend. It’s big enough to take good sized logs, the biggest we have available. It makes a lovely, generous fire and radiates an enormous amount of heat. The big, fat belly is just under 60cm diameter and the colour is gorgeous, a natural dusky green that fits right in with today’s subtle ‘heritage’ interior and exterior design trend. It’s hard not to hypnotise yourself staring into its generous mouth and watching the flames do their magical thing. It’s crazy-easy to use, and comes with its own sturdy steel stand with three legs for stability. She’s 134cm high and there’s absolutely no assembly. Just pop her out of the box, stand her on the stand and she’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll. This unusually big model also comes in a subtle mottled grey shade and a natural terra cotta finish. Last but not least, because every chiminea is made by hand the colour, shape and size vary very slightly with every one. Which means yours is unique.

The Four Elements range – Small clay chimineas for neat little spaces

Maybe your outdoor space is limited, in which case you might need something a bit smaller. How about the beautiful Four Elements range, with its choice of four small designs – Air, Earth, Fire and Water? It’s all about adding contemporary class to your garden, a small chiminea that’s just 55cm high not including the stand and 75cm high on its stand. Like all chims, the fire inside burns with a clean, hot flame and the design itself helps prevent sparks, very different from an ordinary open fire. This one is particularly easy to light, with an extra-wide mouth, and there’s absolutely no assembly to worry about. Each Four Elements chiminea has its own cool design. The Air version features a beautifully simple design in natural terracotta. Earth has a gorgeous, raised, rich brown plant-inspired design. Water is decorated with a lovely blue-green glaze in a droplet design. And the deep orange-red Fire version is embellished with 3D sun and flame symbols. The stable three legged steel stand is included, and again because they’re made by hand every one is slightly, subtly different.

The Romba Mexican art chiminea – Medium sized alfresco warmth

The Romba, at 82cm high so medium-sized, is the latest in our collection of Mexican Art chimineas, something different, something funky, something wholly, unashamedly contemporary. Every one is made by hand so yours is unique. The diamond shaped front and flat back mean it’s perfect for placing neatly against a wall as well as ideal for smaller patios and gardens. This really is the ultimate in simplicity. There’s no lid, no stand, just a beautifully designed clay chiminea that works perfectly to warm your outdoor space. When the flames are everything, it makes a superb focal point. And it’s also ridiculously easy to light.

Clay chim? Season it first!

You should always season a clay chiminea before using it. Luckily it’s really easy and takes no time. To find out how, click here.

Need help choosing the right chiminea?

Whatever your question, we’re pleased to answer it for you. We’ll even help you make the exact right choice for your lifestyle and garden if you like. Just ask.