Alfresco Living Special – 30 Cool Alternative Uses For a Shed

cool shed
A wooden shed is beautiful, useful, practical, and often remarkably easy to build. Shed kits are fairly easy to handle, usually simple enough to construct in a day. We know people who have created entire indoor-outdoor rooms themselves on a home-build basis, following basic online instructions. The results are well insulated and cosy, and can even have their own electricity supply. These often charming garden buildings can be traditional or modern, decorated or plain, and can be used for a multitude of practical and fun purposes, taking alfresco living to an entirely new level. Here are thirty unusual uses for a garden shed, providing all the inspiration you need to start making plans the minute New Year is over and done with.

30 creative and practical uses for a garden shed

  1. Your own mini-pool hall – the perfect size for your pool table, with a mini-fridge for your beers and a deep pile red carpet to remind you of your favourite pub
  2. A private bar for you and your best mates or girlfriends, somewhere you can get away from the kids and party grown-up style, beautifully decorated and accessorised, a peaceful adult haven away from the usual domestic chaos
  3. An outdoor family room for everyone to use whenever they feel like a spot of solitude, need silence to finish their homework, or want a private chat
  4. A party venue, a mini-rave room, a ‘Miniscule of Sound’ where you can cram a few good friends in along with a DJ mixing desk, flashing disco lights and loads of lovely vinyl
  5. A band practice room, a place where you can make all the racket you want without driving your folks insane
  6. A place to gig, with room to invite a select few to listen to your latest masterworks played live
  7. A mini-recording studio
  8. A craft studio or artists studio, the perfect place to leave your work and materials out instead of being forced to tidy them away
  9. A classroom and homework room, for those times when you want total peace and quiet to get on with your homework or revise
  10. A spare bedroom for extra guests you can’t fit indoors – including a camping loo or even a proper plumbed-in loo
  11. A teen pad, so your teens can disappear off with their friends and get up to whatever they get up to in peace
  12. An office, so as a freelancer or sole trader you can actually leave the house to go to work, keeping domestic life and money making stuff nice and separate
  13. A storage shed for all your alfresco entertainment kit, to keep it in good nick when it’s not in use or through the winter
  14. A home for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, or chickens, or a place where your cats can shelter if they get caught out in bad weather
  15. A gallery to display your amazing artwork, models, machines, instruments, whatever floats your boat
  16. A hobby space to make fantastic creative things
  17. Your dedicated tool and machinery stash, beautifully organised
  18. A home for a couple of chest freezers full of frozen goods
  19. A sauna and steam room, or an indoor-outdoor space for a hot tub
  20. A pretty poolside changing room
  21. A chill-out space for meditation or yoga, or a separate therapy room where you can treat your clients
  22. A discreet home hairdressing or beauty salon
  23. An Airnbn space to rent, small and quaint and cosy
  24. A neat little sleeping space for an elderly relative visiting or a young adult returning temporarily to the nest
  25. A place for calm, peaceful convalescence
  26. A home cinema
  27. A children’s play room
  28. A special temperature-controlled space for exotic plants, live insects, fish tanks or your vivarium
  29. A bird house, with the aviary element constructed inside and big doors you can fling open to let the fresh air and sunshine in
  30. A large, exciting, safe, dry Wendy house for little kids all year round

When a wood outbuilding is much more than a mere shed

You can use a wooden shed for more or less any purpose. They they can easily be fitted with mod cons like running water, power, underfloor heating, small bathrooms, showers and kitchens, cosy wood laminate flooring, roof insulation and electricity sockets. Or you can simply use yours to stash your chiminea. Over to you – the possibilities are more or less endless.

Wishing you a very merry…

Here’s wishing you a splendid, jolly Xmas and a peaceful, happy New Year, from the team at the Chiminea Shop. See you next year!