Storytelling Around Your Chiminea or Fire Pit

The nights are closing in fast. Autumn is underway. But the end of the summer doesn’t signal the end of the chiminea season – the whole idea is a chim extends your alfresco potential by warming up outdoor spaces all year round, not just through the summer months. Now’s the time of year when storytelling […]

Can You Put a Chiminea on Decking?

If we gathered together all the questions we’re asked about chimineas, the ‘decking question’ would be in our top five – ie “Can you put a chiminea on decking?”. What happens when you put a chim directly on top of wooden garden decking? Unless you’re incredibly careful you’ll end up with escaped ash and sparks, […]

Sitting around a fire is good for you – so light a chiminea!

If you’ve ever wondered why you get a powerful sense of real well-being and satisfaction from sitting around an open fire, bonfire, barbecue or chiminea, you’re not alone. It’s a human thing, and there’s a very good reason for it. So says a fascinating article in the Huffington Post. Why lounging by a fire is […]

Portable Pizza Oven – New Products for the Garden

Rising to the occasion – introduces its range of Portable Pizza Ovens With alfresco dining soaring in popularity, a recent survey by a leading paint firm* identified that 40% of young British families listed outdoor pizza ovens as a garden must-have when it comes to entertaining. To help those families host the party of the […]

Smoking Food With a Chiminea – Awesome Flavours!

Chimineas are brilliant for barbecuing. Many of our cast iron models include slide or swing-out grills for cooking succulent steaks, sausages, burgers and veg. But there’s more. You can cook almost anything in a chiminea that you can cook in an oven, and more. Smoked foods have a unique flavour redolent of long, balmy summer […]

Avoid Thermal Shock – Prepare Your Chiminea Properly

You’ve bought a fabulous new clay chiminea from us. It arrives in perfect nick. You assemble it in your garden or on the patio, an easy job. You’re excited about test-driving it… so excited that you over-cook the fire, creating a massive blaze and using far too much wood. And, lo and behold, the blasted […]

How is a Clay Chiminea Made? It’s a Pottery Thing

Clay chimineas have real character. Some designs are made by hand rather than moulded, which means every one is slightly different. And the firing process means every clay chim, no matter how it’s made, has its own unique finish. How are they made? How clay chimineas are made In the old days clay chims were […]

Contemporary Chiminea – We pick the newest options

Chimineas have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years for cooking and warmth by cultures around the world, in Mexico and beyond. The shape is perfectly designed for the job in hand, and has never really been improved upon. But that doesn’t mean every chiminea has to be traditional in design – so […]

3 Delicious, Quick and Easy Chiminea Recipes

Roll back time just a few decades and British cuisine was stuck in the dark ages, a nightmare of squishy, overcooked vegetables and tough meat. Eating alfresco was something we only did on holiday, and the barbecue scene was in its infancy. Now things couldn’t be more different. These days many Brits are budding master […]