How to enjoy BBQs in cold weather

Winter BBQ

As we write this post, it’s freezing cold outside. But there’s a big blue sky above us without a single cloud, and the sun is shining. This kind of winter weather is far too good to miss. If you fancy making the most of the outdoor life, you’ll want to know how to enjoy BBQs in cold weather, night and day. Let’s take a look.

Fire pit grill with burning wood ready for the barbecue.

Get layering – Wrap up super-warm

The key to staying warm for longer is layering, with layers of thin clothes underneath and thicker layers on top. Layer up the socks to keep your toes toasty. On the other hand snowboarding gear is ridiculously warm, as is ski clothing. While it’s a myth that you lose loads of body heat through your head, a hat is always a good move. Luckily when a stylish chiminea is belting the heat out, your barbie is roaring away, the fire pit is in full flame or your firebowl is giving off cosiness, there’s a lovely focal point to gather round and stay warm.

How to enjoy BBQs in cold weather – Keep on moving

Bring the cushions for your garden furniture outside and you’ll be able to relax in comfort. You might want to arrange the furniture around a fire pit, fire bowl or chimenea to create a hotspot at the heart of the evening. But at this time of year you’ll probably want to keep moving to stay properly warm.

Spend a few minutes every now and again on your feet jigging around, or play a game of some kind to warm you up. How about a spot of wintery swingball or a three legged race around the lawn? Maybe have a five minute silent disco session every half an hour. Or make the whole evening a silent disco. You can buy or hire the equipment and it’s really good fun without disturbing the neighbours, whether it’s daytime or after dark.

A wintery silent disco in your garden? Such fun! Thanks to Brighton Journal for the photo.

Bring out the blankets, fleeces, rugs and throws

As the evening wears on and it gets chillier, pile on the blankets and throws. There’s nothing quite like huddling inside a cocoon of soft material, all cosy with warm fingers and toes as you watch the fire die down and drink the last of your mulled wine / posh coffee/ steaming hot soup / whatever.

Provide a ‘warm bank’ indoors

It’s fabulous fun out there, you’re all having a magical time, but now and again it’s nice to pop indoors for a quick warm-up before gong back out. Prepare your living room or kitchen so it’s a lovely retreat with seating, snacks and drinks.

Surround yourselves with heat

We have customers who’ve marked out the edges of their garden entertainment space with four or more chimineas, which together efficiently radiate warmth to make the space in between lovely and warm. It’s a comforting feeling being surrounded by a ring of fire, and it’s just as easy to achieve with fire pits and fire bowls.

Close up shot of a young boys hand holding out a marshmallow on a stick. Holding it up to the chiminea fire to toast. Taken in winter time with snow covering the garden.

Heavenly patio heaters

Our pub, hotel and restaurant customers love them, and so do ordinary people with a chilly patio or deck to heat. Stand near or under one of our top quality patio heaters and feel the comfort. They look wonderful and give off magical light to make the surroundings feel even more intimate and exciting.

Enders Large Black NOVA LED Flame Patio Heater
Lifestyle Tahiti II Pyramid 13KW Flame Patio Heater in Black

A candle lamp gives off a lovely glow that isn’t hot, but makes people feel warmer all the same. Have you seen this real wood candle lamp from Florenity, below? Wow. They come in dark grey, sage green or deep blue and the effect is stunning.

Florenity Galaxy Candle Lamp

Buy hand-warmers

Hand warmers are little packages you hold. They produce heat on demand to warm cold hands and are often used in sports and outdoor pursuits. Some of them are re-useable and rechargeable, others are single-use, but they all work a treat. Once your hands are warmed up, the rest of you soon follows. Take a look at Wikipedia for information about hand warmers.

Eat HOT, drink hot!

Food heats us up in no time. Make your barbecue cuisine hot and comforting. Serve it piping hot, fresh from the grill. Comfort food like garlic bread, casseroles and stews packed with meaty goodness, pasta dishes, peppered mackerel, vegan and veggie choices are great. Just keep them fiery. Baked spuds with a spicy bean and cheese filling is always a popular move, as is a hearty thick soup served with grated cheese on top and hot bread rolls.

Thanks to Now Cook This for the tasty photo

It doesn’t matter if the festive season has come and gone, or isn’t due for ages. Mulled wine and mulled cider make fantastic boozy treats as well as warming chilly folk up nicely. Heat red wine gently with cloves, honey, ginger, cinnamon, even fragrant cardamom. Add chilli sauce for extra heat if you like, and enjoy everyone’s expressions as they experience the kick. Keep a pan of it on the stove to dip into.

Here’s a link to some excellent mulled wine recipes on BBC Food. You can also add chilli to cocktails, ciders and beers. Nobody says you can’t 😉

Heat up fresh fruit juices for the kids and people who don’t drink. This is also a great time to roll out the posh coffees and luxury teas.

Thanks to Almanac for the mulled wine photo – yum!

So are you ready for some cold weather outdoor fun? It’s an unusual thing to do, sure to create memories to cherish. We’d love to see photos of your cold-weather garden events!