3 fab outdoor living essentials from Tepro

Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table

Our customers love the Tepro brand. The Tepro people deliver quality every step of the way. We thought it’d be fun to feature three of the most popular products in the Tepro collection, cool outdoor living essentials carefully designed for great performance and good looks, and all completely different. First, the Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table. Second, the Tepro Hampton 3 burner gas BBQ. And third, the Tepro Wichita Offset Pit Charcoal BBQ Smoker.

Style, flair and heat – The Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table

Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table

Isn’t this awesome? Because it runs cleanly on gas this fabulously stylish fire table is ideal for your deck, also good for standing on the lawn, patio or paved area. The look is super-simple with its slatted steel finish and black coating. It looks good in every sort of garden, sleek and clean-lined, unobtrusive and elegant. And the effect! When you want a reliable and safe way to add the magic of real flames to your garden, it’s perfect. The fire sits inside a strong transparent box, protected from the wind to deliver heat and ambience to the outdoors.

Big on delicious – The Tepro Hampton 3 Burner Gas BBQ Grill

Tepro Hampton 3 Burner Gas BBQ Grill
It’s a curvy thing – The Tepro Hampton comes with smooth good looks.

When you smooth off the edges, you get a relaxed design that feels nice and chilled. But this amazing BBQ is actually hot stuff, capable of cooking a wide variety of tasty treats outdoors with very little effort thanks to a load of handy features.

At a working height of 82cm it comes with a built-in thermometer for the cooking chamber, and two big wheels for easy movement – simply ‘wheelbarrow’ it around. A screen hides the gas bottle and there’s a wire basket for storage. The side table is ideal for food prep and three 2.9kW stainless steel burners and a 2.3kW side burner mean you can cook like an expert. There’s a gas hose and regulator included along with an enamelled grill grate, 50 x 37cm cooking area, and enamel warming rack.

Perfect for cooking wonderful foods for the people you love, and everything’s good quality as you’d expect from Tepro.

Outdoor living essentials – The Tepro Wichita Offset Pit Charcoal BBQ smoker

Tepro Wichita Offset Pit Charcoal BBQ Smoker
Tepro Wichita Offset Pit Charcoal BBQ Smoker

Here’s how to grill and smoke in one go, and do it in cowboy movie style! The clever offset fire box generates the cooking heat, with fragrant smoke sent efficiently into the cooking area. Use fragranced wood chips to make your own unique flavours, whether it’s fish or meat or veg.

This is how to achieve low, slow results. It’s easy and fast to refuel. The results are moist, packed with flavour whether you’re getting busy with a traditional BBQ, grilling, or smoking. The rack is good for food prep, the side box has an adjustable vent for temperature control, and you can opt for direct cooking with the grill as well as indirect cooking via the BBQ or smoker. Versatile, funky-looking and fun.

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